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Survival Frog

Tire Traction Mats

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This pair of emergency use Tire Traction Mats can help you get a car, truck or van free from snow, mud or sand. You will need a 2 pack for front or rear wheel drive cars, or pick up 2 pairs for use with 4 wheel drive vehicles.


  • Easy To Use:  Simply unfold and place in front of tires (see “Front” marking which goes under front of tire). The Tire Traction Mats provide the grip needed to recover a vehicle stuck in Snow, Mud or Sand.
  • Save Time & Money: You don’t need to wait for an expensive tow truck, or ask a stranger to lend you a hand – just use your Tire Traction Mats and you’ll be on your way.
  • Universal Size: Fits most cars & full sized trucks and can be used with city car driving, or off-road truck recovery.
  • Quality Design: Designed with non-slip technology including hexagonal honeycomb raised tracks and anchor tabs to help prevent slippage when you need traction the most. The tri-fold design matches ground contour to help drive vehicle out of hole created in snow, mud or sand. 
  • Heavy Duty: Made with corrosion resistant heavy-duty plastic. Withstands high impact and heavy weights with load-bearing capacity up to 3.5 tons. Comes with a full 3 year warranty (you break it, we replace it).
  • Safe for Vehicle: Tow ropes or pushing a car can damage the vehicle, but the Tire Traction Mats only come in contact with your tires, making this a much safer alternative.  
  • Stores Away Small: Reinforced quality hinges allow you to fold the mats in half for compact storage. Small enough to fit under your car seat and weighing in at only 1 pounds each.
  • Includes: 2 Tire Traction Mats (order 2 pairs for 4 wheel drive)
  • Dimensions When Open:  23.3” Length X  7” Width X  1/2" Thick (each mat)
  • Dimensions When Folded: 11.65” Length X  7” Width X  1” Thick (each mat)
  • Weight: 1 pounds (each mat)
  • Universal Size: Fits most cars and trucks
  • Load Bearing: Up to 3.5 Tons