Stream2Sea Sunscreen for Body SPF 30
Stream2Sea Sunscreen for Body SPF 30

Stream2Sea Sunscreen for Body SPF 30

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A non-greasy and nourishing formula that deeply penetrates the skin to offer lasting UVA and UVB protection. The Stream2Sea Sunscreen for Body (SPF 30) contains a potent blend of antioxidants, including olive leaf, wakame, tulsi, and green tea. It’s water-resistant for 80 minutes of water-based activity and sports, including swimming. The gentle yet effective formula protects your skin without causing irritation or creating a burning sensation around your eyes, which is common with regular sunscreens. Whether you’re heading to the beach with your family or going on a water excursion with your friends, you’ll manage to nourish, protect, and pamper your skin for the day!

3 oz.
  • Contains our potent antioxidant blend of Green Tea, Tulsi, Wakame and Olive Leaf
  • Broad Spectrum UVA and UVB Protection
  • Water resistant for 80 minutes of swimming or activity
  • Non-greasy and won’t burn your eyes
  • Contains 8.8% (Non-Nano) Titanium Dioxide
  • EcoConscious Sugarcane Resin Tubes
  • Protect Land + Sea Certified