Herbal Gel for Curly Hair 8 oz. by Just Nutritive

Herbal Gel for Curly Hair 8 oz. by Just Nutritive

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Natural Looking Feel and Hold with No Alcohol and

No Harsh Chemicals

Many gels are made with ingredients like these - Alcohol, Acrylates, Butylaminomethyl Methacrylate, Copolymer, Ferric Ferrocyanide, and Sodium Chloride (Salt). These are used to lower the cost of gels and allow manufacturers to increase profits.

But if you use products with these, is the cost to your hair and scalp too high to pay?

Hair gels made with alcohol and corrosive chemicals may remove moisture from your hair leaving it dry, weak and prone to breakage and fall.

Or have you ever thought that your hair care products stopped working? One reason may be that the type of chemicals mentioned may lead to frizz, unmanageable, dry, rough, limp or shine less hair.

A dehydrated, dry scalp may follow with irritation, itchiness, and flakiness leading to dandruff.

Even color-treated hair may face increased fading and discoloration.

Don’t settle for a gel full of nasty sounding chemicals that can do who knows what.

Please consider our Herbal Gel for Curly Hair that will leave your hair with beautifully textured bouncy curls that are enhanced by wholesome nutrients which gently nourish hair.

Nutritive, rich herbal extracts and essentials with protein deliver healthy, enduring style and luster.

Defines and holds curls, boosts bounce and shine, and provides flexible-styling hold.

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This gel for curly hair is incredible! Works well on dark hair WITHOUT the flaky white stuff at the end of the day. It is a flexible hold, but it keeps the look in place. Tried this on thick hair and it stayed all day. Also used this on naturally curly hair and this holds curls without giving them the crunchy feel. It's so difficult to find ONE gel that handles both hair types, but this gel was amazing for both!