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Planned Parenthood

Much of my adult life has involved various environmental and animal welfare projects, from fighting for support of East African elephants when I lived in the UK to becoming involved in education projects in East Africa.

At the time I was working in technical management for The Body Shop International in the UK. Anita Roddick the amazing founder of The Body Shop was a huge influence to me with her dedicated campaigns on animal testing and environmental issues. I count myself very fortunate to spend many years working with Anita and her husband Gordon.

Following a visit to East Africa in the 80's, I became involved in education projects in Kenya and had several school projects in Kenya, including funding school renovation, and helping to equip a school near Nairobi. I loved the involvement and will forever remember the gratitude of the children and school staff. I had several very rewarding visits to Kenya. I continue to believe that education and the supply of potable water are absolute priorities.

As part of this belief I have committed my company to donate a minimum of 1% of Gross Sales per year to "1% For the Planet" and we have signed an agreement to donate this minimum of 1% of our gross sales which will be audited. We are honored and proud to be part of this amazing organization. We will, as we grow, also support such organizations as UNICEF and others. Currently we support "1% for the Planet" and "Water for People."

Other projects will have our support as and when we can support it. It is my intention to continue with education in East Africa and potable water projects in developing countries. We will also be auditing suppliers that we include in our store portfolio to focus only on companies that show some policies of giving back to environmental or other positive ethical projects.

From time to time we will report on our efforts. It is only with our customer's support that we can achieve these goals.

It is the responsibility of all businesses to be involved in helping to make the world a better and more equitable environment.

It is our intention currently or shortly to support the following organisations:

1% for the Planet, Water for People, UNICEF and Planned Parenthood.

Thank you


Founder and CEO

Lord Huff and Puff, LLC



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