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Lord Huff and Puff started life as a hobby blog site covering my interests in travel and politics and  then traversed gradually into lifestyle topics. I've been very fortunate in life to have seen much of the world both for pleasure and in the course of my  business travel and my blog site reflects my interest in travel and recalls some of my travel history. After browsing and hopefully shopping on this site, maybe you can visit my blog site at www.lordhuffandpuff.com. Sign up to receive details of new posts and offers on this site. There is a link on that site to return to the retail site.

I've had a long time technical career in the cosmetics and skin care industry both in the USA and the UK,  and it is a pleasure to be able to  provide this retail site to offer hand picked suppliers, that not only provide high quality products, but as a plus, two of the brands are owned and operated by cosmetic scientists with an interest in the environment and personal health.

We are pleased to donate $5 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) for each T-Shirt sold. 

I am offering free shipping for orders of $75 (product cost) or more in mainland USA only. For any other destinations email info@lordhuffandpuff.com and do not use the on-line shopping cart. We will provide a shipping cost to you.

My retail site does not compromise on quality and provides excellent value for money. If you have any thoughts on other quality products that you would like us to offer, contact us at info@lordhuffandpuff.com.

Statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Products sold through this web site do not treat medical conditions. Always consult your healthcare professional before starting or altering any course of treatment.

 Finally, stay safe and always follow hygiene standards such as regular hand washing, use hand sanitizers such as our Stream2Sea sanitizer products and wear a mask whenever out and about in the vicinity of others. It is only if we work together to defeat Coronavirus and consider those around us  that we will succeed. The vaccine will not be an immediate solution to the virus.

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