Organic and Natural cosmetics

Organic & Botanic and Dr. Botanicals Brands

Organic & Botanic by Dr. Botanicals is the trusted Natural & Vegan Skincare brand loved by Mums, Vegans and those with delicate skin. The brand started in the North of England with a pioneering pharmacist who cared about results. From those beginnings in the 1960's to today: Organic and Botanic is the natural, kind to your skin brand made with wonderful botanical ingredients. Sensitive, natural, gentle goodness for your skin.
At Organic & Botanic, we bring together an unparalleled selection of the world's finest, natural and organic active ingredients to power our beauty products. Our products are created using the highest quality, ethically sourced natural and organic ingredients and they must be effective, elegant and guilt-free.
This range embodies our belief the potent power of botanicals.