Peaceful Mind

Peaceful Mind is the life work of Andrew Pacholyk MS, L.Ac. focuses on a place for you to come, relax, and become a centered more powerful human being. Andrew’s articles on spirituality, health, and wellness have been published all over the world in 30 languages. He is an ongoing contributor to such publications as Aromatherapy Times, Health Magazine and OM Times Magazine. Andrew is an educator. He has taught and certified over 100,000 students worldwide in these specific healing techniques.  Study Andrew’s courses and become a Certified and Accredited practitioner with The Transformational Health and Wellness Course, The Crystal Astrologer Course and Chakracology Course. His other healing studies include the Color Elite Color Therapy Course, The Complete Meditation, and his most popular, The Crystal Light Crystal Therapy Course. Enjoy over 900 products designed for your healing journey!