Essential Things to Look for In A Face Wash

Essential Things to Look for In A Face Wash

A woman holding a spray bottle of face wash

The way you clean your skin makes a big difference in your skin's overall health. If you want to look younger and have healthier skin, you must carefully select a good face wash.

Your face is exposed to the environment all day and gets coated with thick layers of contaminants such as dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells, etc. To maintain good-looking skin, here are some essential things you should look for in a face wash.

For Dry Skin

Skincare products are created for specific skin types; therefore, make sure you buy a suitable product for your skin. If you have dry skin, your skin might feel tight and itchy, especially during the winter season.

People with dry skin should invest in a cream on milk-based face wash that'll retain their skin's natural oils to prevent further dryness or itchiness. If you have dry skin, switch to an oil-based cleanser during the winter season and apply a moisturizing cream to your face multiple times throughout the day.

For Oily Skin

Your skin has sebaceous glands underneath the top layer, which excrete sebum. People who have oily skin are more prone to breakouts because their skin overproduces sebum.

Sebum has many functions, such as binding dead skin cells and protecting your skin from bacteria and infection. Sebum travels through hair follicles and is beneficial for delivering antioxidants to the skin's surface to maintain healthy skin.

However, people who have oily skin overproduce sebum, which can clog their pores and result in bacteria or infection. Individuals with oily skin are more prone to getting acne, so it's essential to select a face wash that can benefit your skin type.

Use a face wash that contains salicylic acid, which will help prevent breakouts. Ensure that the facewash you choose is oil-free, so it doesn't add to excess sebum and cause build-up in your pores.

 A woman having acne due to her oily skin

For Combination Skin

Many people have different areas of skin that are dry while the others are oily. For example, some common oily areas are the nose, chin, and forehead, also called the T-zone, while the cheeks, neck, and the area around our eyes are usually drier.

If you have combination skin, use a mild cleanser that isn't too harsh on your skin. If your skin feels tight after using the face wash, this means that you've scrubbed your skin too much and stripped it of its natural oils resulting in a dry and itchy feeling.

For Sensitive Skin

People who have sensitive skin can have reactions to different skincare and cosmetic products. If your skin easily gets irritated after using skincare products, it's better to consult a dermatologist. You can also run patch tests with an immunologist to see which chemicals in a skincare product are irritating your skin.

If you have sensitive skin, avoid using products that contain fragrances or alcohols, or chemicals such as lipoic acid, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid. Instead, choose a face wash with natural ingredients such as aloevera, green tea polyphenols, and chamomile.

Your best bet is to use skincare products that are organic and don't harm the skin. To buy organic skincare products, contact Lord Huff and Puff. We have a range of all-natural skincare products, including moisturizers, face wash,sunscreen, etc. Contact us here and take care of your skin the way it deserves.