A Quick Introduction to CBD Products

A Quick Introduction to CBD Products

When people hear about CBD, the common misconception as they start to read up is that it’s an illegal product and recreational drug. The reality is more complicated than that, and it is actually a helpful component found in cannabis that’s becoming more commonly used.

 CBD extract next to medicinal marijuana

What CBD Actually Is

The cannabis plant consists of many components, one of which happens to be Cannabidiol or CBD. Cannabis is mostly associated with the effects THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol has, which is the component that makes you high. THC has a lot of benefits for your health and well-being as well.

CBD is similar to THC minus the psychoactive properties. For this very reason, it’s being incorporated in a wide range of industries for various purposes.

Benefits of CBD

Pain Relief

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Different researches are being conducted to further study the effects of CBD on the human and animal body. CBD is believed to affect the endocannabinoid system, which affects a wide variety of functions including sleep, pain and appetite. There are products available on the market that are legal which contain CBD and sometimes even THC in order to relieve pain.

Sativex is a popular option, which is commonly given to those with multiple sclerosis to relieve their pain.

Mood Regulation

Anxiety and depression cripple people’s productivity and make them unable to perform even the most basic of tasks. Unfortunately, these are among the most common problems people suffer from across the globe. Thankfully, CBD has been making strides in providing mood regulation as well.

Different researches are being conducted, showing promising results that CBD may be able to help alleviate anxiety and depression.

Consuming CBD

In a controlled amount, CBD is completely safe and has no harmful side-effects. It’s also impossible to overdose, making it an overall viable option. Here’s how CBD can be consumed:

Oils and tinctures

Consuming CBD orally is one of the fastest and safest options. In liquid form, CBD can be dropped onto the tongue using a dropper in a vial and easily consumed. The effects take place within a few minutes after consumption using this method.

 A tincture of CBD on the floor.

Creams and lotions

Some topical creams and lotions also contain CBD. These are used to treat a variety of skin problems and to relieve external body pain.

Capsules and Pills

CBD is also available in the form of medicine. Most popularly, Epidiolex, which happens to be an FDA-approved medicine that contains CBD. Most of these come under Schedule I of controlled substances. They take a longer span in comparison to ingestion via tincture but lesser time than creams and lotions.  

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