A man with a thick beard

3 Beard Grooming Tips to Make You Look Like a Greek God

A man with a thick beard

Research conducted by Clarkson et al. found that women believe men who have facial hair are more attractive. Another study conducted by the University of Queensland that quizzed 919 American women aged 18 to 70 years, found that men with facial hair are more attractive to women and are considered to have a more masculine appearance.

If you too wish to enhance your masculine appeal, spending some time grooming your beard might just do the trick.

Here are some beard grooming tips that'll make you look like a Greek God.

Tip #1: Be Patient

To have a well-groomed beard, you need to practice patience and self-restraint. When your beard hair first starts coming in, resist the urge to trim or style it. Ignore the itchiness from your stubble and leave your beard untouched for at least four to six weeks.

Give your beard hair time to grow un evenly as some hair grows faster than others. A healthy lifestyle, exercise, and a good diet can help your beard hair grow faster.

After your beard has grown sufficiently, pick a style that matches your face shape, and trim your beard according to the length and thickness you desire.

Tip #2 Wash Beard Regularly

An essential part of beard grooming is following proper hygienic practices and washing your beard regularly. Your beard is exposed to contamination from the environment, including small dirt, dust, and smoke particles that can get trapped in your beard hair.

Since beard hair is rougher and thicker than normal hair, it might also trap food particles, saliva, mucus, and dead skin cells, thereby creating a fertile breeding ground for bacteria and infections.

Scrub your beard at least two times a week using a special beard shampoo that contains salicylic acid. After washing, pat your beard dry gently. Using rough or harsh strokes with a towel can lead to split ends and frizziness.

 Toiletries on a bathroom counter including beard oil

Tip #3: Use Special Beard Shampoo and Beard Oil

When washing and conditioning your beard, make sure to use an oil and shampoo specially formulated for beard hair. Using a regular shampoo might damage your beard and strip it of its natural oils, which play an important role in keeping your beard hydrated and moisturized.

Our beard shampoo contains organic ingredients such as coconut oil, grape seed oil, patchouli, and almond oil, which nourishes the beard and provides essential nutrients.

Similarly, experiment with different beard oils to determine which one suits your beard hair best. After shampooing and oiling your beard, comb it daily with a beard brush to untangle the knots and train it to grow downward.

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